When the hunting season starts, and your inner hunter gets ready for the expedition, then what the hell can stop you? So, keep packing.

However, never let the excitement to take over the much-needed safety while you’re on hunting. And prepare, from when you’re planning, to keep safe yourself. We all know that hunting is very risky passion and only brave one can endure it.

Here is your expert suggestion for keeping best possible safety precautions for a secure hunting journey.

1. Know the hunting seasons

There are different hunting seasons for bear, deer, turkey, waterfowl etc. To know in details information about the season, you can search on the web. Make your search writing “hunting season in Texas (or as you want)” and you will probably land to government websites like Texas Park and Wildlife Department. Take note of the dates and instructions.

2. Know the place

When you’re going to hunt in a new place make sure you know the place. Search on the web, connect to related forums. And if possible talk to your friends who already know the place. This will provide you with much-needed confidence. And most importantly you will get important safety tips specific to that newer destination.

3. Stay Connected

Before you’re out to the expedition, keep someone of your friends and family updated about your whereabouts. A GPS tracker can be used if you want accurate traceability to share with your peers.

4. Dress Properly

It’s always important to wear appropriate hunting dresses. The comfortable outfit will let you bring successes on your mission.

Make yourself visible wearing blaze orange top and avoid wearing earth-toned clothing.

5. Protect your body

Wear protective equipment as required to keep you safer. Hearing and eye protection gears are required for most of the hunting course. If you use a firearm for shooting, use hearing protectors like headphones. Headphones are good sound protectors and you can use for many years.

Again, it’s always wise to wear a pair of steel toe shoes to protect your feet and toe. However, never wear a pair which is bulky and overweight as it will obstruct while you run.

6. Be aware of weather

Weather makes a big difference in the success of any hunting tour. You went to a jungle and found a heavy rain over there. It would not only ruin your trip but also can be dangerous if you aren’t prepared for the rain.

So, get the weather forecast well before the journey. There are many apps out there to help you in this regards. I suggest you use Dark Sky or AccuWeather app as these are quite accurate.

7. Take Permission

Take permission prior you go for the hunt from proper authority if you’re going to a preserved area or to another person’s property.

8. Take appropriate equipment

Make a list of necessary equipment and double check so that you don’t miss any item. Make sure you carry equipment that is in the workable state. Always try to use updated equipment like climbing tools, multipurpose axe, rain jacket, rubber boots, gloves (waterproof), sleeping bags and headlights. A careful hunter always read the instructions of the equipment.

9. Maintain the weapons properly

Check all your weapons before the tour and make sure the weapons are loaded. While you operate your weapons, treat all the weapons as loaded one. And be sure every time you press the trigger. It will make everyone safe.

10. Target Properly

Before you press on the trigger, make sure you target an animal, not your fellow hunter. Again be careful to target on right body parts of the animal.

11. Carry First Aid Kit

You should carry a first aid kit that may become useful for any unexpected injuries.

12. Get Certified

If you aren’t already certified, you should opt for it. Start your convenient online course Introduction to Hunter Education offered by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA). This training will give you in-depth knowledge of safe hunting.

We all agree that hunting is adventurous with the primitive feel and every prey you hunt is the source of great joy. Yet we shouldn’t trade our safety for joy – safety should come first. I believe the suggestions shared here will make you much safer. Stay safe, hunt happily.