5 Best Gun Vise Reviews

What is a gun vise? It’s the 21st century, and a great gun vise is the best tool we can own for working on our guns.

This unique and distinctive vise is carefully designed to accommodate the broadest possible variety of firearms for its cleaning, maintenance, repair work, or any other purpose that requires the weapon to be adjusted in a proper setting.

Gun vises are easily adaptive and can handle break-open shotguns, bolt-action rifles, handguns, and many more. This handy tool has managed to capture a lot of attention, and here are the best five gun vise reviews of 2020.

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5 Best Gun Vise

The thriving gun vise market offers a wide array of options for us to choose from which cater separately to our specific requirements and weapons. And the five gun vises listed below come with their individual specialties and can easily be accessible.


1. Tipton Gun Vise

The most exciting part of this gun vise is its customized patch storage. There are also flat and round bottom compartments that can be used to store bottles, screws, and other parts of the gun vise, which makes it very convenient for the user.

It also has two adjustable offset clamping systems on the base behind for a firm grip on a wide range of buttstocks. The center support has a unique L-shape structure that upholds break-open guns carefully and makes it very easy for us.

As this comes with separate cam blocks, these blocks can move freely to adjust to any shape and accommodate different firearms and projects. Thus, the vise also stands out for its versatility as it can comfortably handle handguns, bolt-action rifles, extendable magazine rifles, and break-open shotguns.

Above all, the polymer used for coating the vise is non-marring and resistant to solvents, making it durable for years of heavy use. However, the polymer is plastic and might flex more than desirable, but it certainly gets the job done.


  • Compartments for storage
  • Versatility is maximum
  • Resistant to solvents
  • High durability


  • Plastic material

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2. Hyskore Cleaning & Sighting Vise

This particular gun vise is completely adjustable for any long gun and comes with a precision elevation adjustment. It not only supports a gun for cleaning and scope mounting, but it also works as a three sighting system.

Coming with an easily readable instruction manual, the vise is very easy to assemble and operate. Center support is also there to uphold the middle of a rifle very well and makes it extremely easy to level the scope reticle correctly.

The welded steel construction makes it very reliable and durable. This vise is mostly made of sturdy metal, mixed with some amount of plastic mainly in building the gun vise’s feet and its adjustment knobs. It might be a bit more expensive, but the metal body ensures that it lasts longer than a plastic option.

And the powder coat finish on its surface can hold up almost any solvent and protect the tool from corrosion. This gun vise is quite lightweight, and not only is it an excellent cleaning vise but can also be considered for gifting purposes.


  • Adjustable for any gun length
  • Precise elevation adjustment
  • High durability
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive

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3. Tipton Ultra-Gun Vise

This is another excellent heavy-duty gun-vise by Tipton. The vise has several removable accessory trays that make it very convenient to store the different parts and equipment. It uses ball-and-socket articulating pads and clamps that secure the vise very adaptable to most weapons.

However, since the adjustment pads and upright are both plastics, they cannot grip each other firmly. This might create a situation that would cause the upright supports to slip down when a small amount of downward force is applied to the weapon.

Coming to the material, it is mostly made of glass-filled nylon, and its steel tube frame structure makes it more durable. The best part is that it is not as heavy as pure metal vises. This vise is an excellent choice for an AR -15.

Two significant features of this vise are that it permits blank firing without damage, and its leveling pads allow us to perfectly level the vise with the attached weapon. Also, if a rifle has a scope attached to it, the leveling pads help in leveling the crosshair of the scope.


  • Removable accessory trays
  • Adaptable
  • Allows blank firing
  • Lightweight


  • Plastic adjustment pads

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4. Caldwell Lead Sled DFT

This gun vise rightly deserves to be on the list, especially for its exact adjustments. The dual-frame design of this vise spread recoil energy better than other vises, and its dual-frame adjustment will allow adjustments that are necessary to fit both rifles and shotguns of different calibers and sizes.

Besides its versatility, it also has an adjustment level, which permits up to 18 inches of adjustments. The baffled weight tray of this vise holds up to 100 pounds of lead, providing maximum stability.

A well-structured front rest with a gun cradle at the back and anti-slip rubber feet with protecting material securely holds the weapon and makes the vise non-destructive. This vise is also very easy to use as its adjustment knobs, and clamps are placed conveniently without having to remove the gun from its rest position.

Although the rubber strap over the front rest of the vise might not be very durable, it will not have any significant impact on the overall function. The parts of this gun vise are easy to assemble and allows an excellent platform for zeroing rifle scopes and sights.


  • Precise adjustment features
  • Minimizes vibrations
  • Versatile
  • Maximum stability


  • Rubber straps for adjustment

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5. CTK Precision P3

This vise was specially designed to handle both rifles and handguns; thus, it will provide excellent results for mostly all firearms. It is a great tool for gun cleaning, gun maintenance, and bore sighting. As the adjustments on this vise are very flexible, the guns can be securely locked in place.

The best part about this vise is that it comes with an optional rest attachment that converts itself into a shooting rest position within seconds. This also makes sure that the weapon is perfectly zeroed without much hard work.

Furthermore, the leveling system comes together with three separate, which allows the vise to hold the firearm in place, and the use of its thumb locks will ensure maximum stability. Its backrest adjusts very well while the front gun rest is able to adjust vertically widely; thus, it can fit all sorts of weapons.

Both the front Y and the rear-rests are finished off with a layer of polyvinyl chloride foam for increased durability. Lastly, the heavy-duty steel construction with durable E-coat finish inside and out makes it a very good choice, and one of the five best gun vises.


  • Flexible adjustments
  • Optional shooting rest position
  • High durability
  • Ensure weapons to be perfectly zeroed


  • Difficult to assemble

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What to Look for in a Gun Vise?

Now that we have been introduced to some of the best gun vises currently in the market, let us observe some features which we should look out for while purchasing a good gun vise.

  • Material

The most important deciding factor for the best gun vise is the material it is made from. Gun vises are mostly constructed and designed from two main materials: metal and plastic. Both materials have their own advantages and disadvantages.

While the plastic gun vises are more affordable and easier to assemble, the metal body gun vises are more expensive but certainly more durable and reliable. Also, the metal body of a gun vise distributes the vibrations produced more evenly, which are important if the vise is used for sighting a gun.

  • Smooth Adjustments

Apart from the material, all parts of a gun vise need to feel easy to adjust the weapon. The front support needs to be well-constructed to get the gun to perfectly level while the back end must be adjustable both forth and back on the base. Lastly, the clamps need to be adjustable for both a thin and thick buttstock.

Depending on the budget, there are great options in the market to choose from.


How to Use a Gun Vise Properly?

We must know the proper use of a gun vise to avoid any kind of accidents while using the tool with the weapon. The most important safety precaution is that it should only be used to secure a rifle and definitely not for shooting or firing.

Gun vises initially provide us the comfort by holding a firearm at maximum stability while cleaning or lubricating the firearm. First of all, the weapon must be placed onto the gun vise and firmly adjusted, such that it is in alignment with the reference.

Once parallel, the school caps must be carefully and tightly adjusted without twisting the scope out of the alignment. Then we must ensure that the shooting sight is aligned with the target. The gun is now ready to be cleaned or worked on.

After the work is over, the assimilation of the entire gun vise must be removed and stored in a secure place that is unreachable by children.


How Many Types of Gun Vise Are Available?

There are broadly two different kinds of gun vises that are better for certain tasks and projects. The more commonly used gun vise is a fixed vise that allows the weapon to be secured and fixed for a long time. This is ideal for cleaning, lubricating, or maintaining purposes as the gun is gripped in a very firm position.

On the other hand, we have a rotation vise which is not as popular as the former, but it certainly comes with its own advantages. The main edge is that a rotating gun vise enables the suspended firearm to be approached from more different angles and can be used to adjust more precisely.


How Long Should I Use a Gun Vise?

The use of this tool should only be limited to the time when we are working on our firearms for any purpose. As it comes in assorted parts, we must dismantle the vise as soon as we finish working. The packaging should be stored carefully, and all the individual parts should be put back collectively after every use.

It is not ideal to use the tool in extreme temperatures for a long time. Gun vises should not be used as a stand to display weapons or as a part of house décor.

How to Clean a Gun Vise?

After every use, it is equally important to ensure proper maintenance of the vise for its durability. Before putting the individual parts away for storage, we must clean them carefully. A soft cloth, preferably cotton, can be used to wipe the vise after working on it.

However, we must remember to use a dry cloth if the vise is made from iron to prevent the accumulation of rust.

Otherwise, we may use a slightly damp towel if the material is plastic or steel. Guns are often lubricated using the vise, in which case we must ensure that there is no contamination on the surface of the vise. Any oil-based solvents coming in contact may tarnish the tool.


How Is a Gun Vise Made?

Besides purchasing one, we can also build a homemade gun vise on our own. Two separate layers of plywood and strong wood (like mahogany) cut uniformly, can be attached together to create a concrete base for the vise. We can then attach a drill-press vise on the center of the base using carriage bolts.

This will enable us to level the gun perfectly while providing maximum stability. To attach the drill press vise on the platform, we can place the vise on the backside of the wood and mark the points where we want to fix the carriage bolts.

The bolts placed on the plywood can be drilled and fixed to the vise. Safety precautions must be taken while performing the construction. After we have the vise attached, we can use different shapes of plastic blocks made from cutting board to adjust our weapons to the drill vise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the best gun vises:

1. My gun vise did not come with installation instructions. What should I do?

Some may come without a manual, but there is no reason to get intimidated right away. It is still possible to assemble and install all the parts of a gun vise properly, with the help of some research.

The first thing to do is try and check out the particular manufacturer’s website as there is a high possibility of finding the instructions over there. However, if that is unavailable, we can still look for related videos where other buyers might upload explanatory videos to help others.

2. Are gun vises needed for cleaning firearms?

For firearms to have a longer lifespan, it is essential to maintain them properly, and a gun vise does exactly that. A vise makes the cleaning process much easier and precise while saving a lot of time.

3. Can a gun vise be used as a shooting rest?

Only a few gun vises are designed to be used as shooting rests. These vises are mostly made of metal and have removable clamps that allow the vise cradle to transform into a shooting rest. Apart from these specially designed vises, trying to use a non-transferring vise for the same purpose may lead to a destructive result.

4. How can I adapt the vise for my handgun?

It might get tricky to make changes and adaptations to the vise to fit different weapons, but there are solutions. Again, online solutions can prove to be quite useful as many gun enthusiasts share valuable information with people. Another way can be contacting customer support.

5. Can I use a vise to zero my rifle?

Gun vises are great and precise for this purpose. Making sure that the rifle is firmly clamped on the vise’s centerline, we can zero the rifle by carefully adjusting our aim to our fixed target.


Final Words

Most passionate and enthusiastic firearm holders will want to own a great gun vise. Cleaning guns properly before putting them away in storage is essential, and a gun vise will help us by shortening the maintenance process.

It surely is a great investment, and these insights to the five best gun vises will certainly help to narrow down our choices before purchase.