5 Best Reloading Press for Accuracy

Are you a gun enthusiast, but the cost of ammunition is to become too hard on your pockets? Why not reload your ammo instead of buying it over and over again? A reloading press is exactly what you’re looking for! Thankfully for you, we have reviewed the five best reloading press for accuracy in this article.
In this modern-day and age, finding a product that lives up to its hype can be an arduous task. Reloading presses can cost a lot of money, so you must look for one that will serve you a long time. However, this will eventually save you a lot of money, so investing in it might be the best decision you made yet.

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5 Best Reloading Press for Accuracy

When choosing a suitable reloading press for your purpose, you might be dazed by all the different options. Hence, to get rid of your confusion, we have reviewed the top 5 reloading press money can buy.

1. LEE PRECISION 98605 Reloading Hand Press

We start this list of high accuracy reloading press with this cast iron 98605 model. This is made of a highly durable aluminum material, which contributes to its efficiency. Due to this material, this low budget reloading press is not only strong and sturdy but also lightweight.

This allows you to use this device with minimum effort. It also has a small and compact size, which makes it easier to use and can be easily stored anywhere you want. This is a handheld reloading press, which minimizes the effort needed to load numerous bullets at one go.

Its exceptional design makes sure it lines up perfectly while reloading. Therefore, the results are more accurate than most models of its kind. Moreover, this single stage reloading press comes with a convenient handle. It’s situated at the bottom center of the device and enables you to press down wherever you desire.

The handle also allows you to maintain a steady grip while reloading. This is one of the most efficient reloading press models at a low price. It’s long-lasting and sturdy and requires very low effort to use. We know that reloading several bullets at once can be a hassle. Fortunately, this device makes your job a lot easier.


  • Made of high-grade aluminum
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Convenient handle
  • Low price


  • No moving case included

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2. Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press

As the second addition to this list of reviews, we present you with this classic lock-n-load model with some exclusive features. It has a solid cast frame, which highly contributes to its reliability. On the other hand, the unique design ensures maximum precision.

The angled frame is designed in such a way that you have clear visibility during the reloading process. It also allows you to easily access the cartridge. Due to the Lock-N-Load quick change bushing system, you can now replace the dies within a matter of seconds. This feature makes setting it up much easier.

The Sure-Loc ring ensures that the die stays fixed in place. Next up are the solid steel arms that run through the entire frame. These arms are maneuvered by steel pins. You can easily size cases due to the Power-Pac linkage design. It enhances the amount of leverage applied to the handle and makes your job more effortless.

Due to the Positive Priming System or PPS, adding a new primer has become an effortless task. You can simply add the primer to the PPS, and it will automatically align it and insert it to the bottom of the stroke. It also allows you to manually insert the primer without even raising the handle.


  • Solid cast frame
  • Lock-N-Load quick change bushing system
  • Power-Pac linkage design
  • Positive Priming System


  • Relatively pricey

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3. Lee Reloading Press 90045

This next model is one of the best reloading press for light-duty pressing. Hence, it’s an ideal choice for beginners. It comes with a C-frame design and a cast iron aluminum frame. This not only allows easy access but also ensures it will last for a long time. It’s suitable for working with small rounds.

What sets it apart from other models is its three-point mounting system. This makes your job easier by reducing the amount of downward force needed to press ammunition — models with a two-point mounting system run the risk of ripping out of the workbench during operation.

This can result in serious injuries to the user. The wooden ball at the end of the handle helps you maintain a steady grip when pressing rounds consecutively. It’s easy on your hands and reduces user fatigue. Most models come with a steel handle that can pressurize your palms and make your hands ache.

Despite all the remarkable features of the 90045 model, it is very easy to set up. Just install the bushing and the die, carefully place the primer and casing and start pressing without further ado. It only takes a matter of seconds to make a round fit for loading into your gun!

On the other hand, this reloading press costs a lot less than other models with not many features to behold.


  • Easy to use
  • Cast iron aluminum frame
  • Three-point mounting system
  • Comfortable wooden ball handle


  • Not suitable for large caliber rounds

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4. Lee Breech Lock Challenger Reloading Kit

The Challenger kit includes all the little components you need for accurate loading operations. This model of reloading press allows you to work with different calibers of bullets. Not only that, but it’s also compatible with multiple dies. Changing dies has never been this easy due to the Breech Lock Quick tool.

This allows you to change the dies more effortlessly within a few seconds’ time. Due to this feature, the dies are pre-adjusted, so it saves you the time of manually adjusting the dies in place. You just need to attach the die and immediately start the loading process.

Many reloading press models might be crowded with features, which in turn, minimizes the work area. This gives you less space to work with and can hinder your visibility. Thankfully, this challenger reloading kit comes with a specialized O frame that gives you an extra work area and is compatible with different calibers.

In most single press, you usually have to manually change the primers, and once it’s placed inside the primer arm, it’s pushed down to the bottom of the brass. However, due to the safety primer feed feature in this model, the primer is fed automatically into the arm and pushed down.

It also supports both small and large-sized primers.


  • Breech Lock Quick tool
  • Increased workspace
  • O frame design
  • Safety Primer Feed


  • Dies are sold separately

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5. RCBS 9356 Rock Chucker Supreme Press

Finally, this Rock Chucker supreme press is what puts the cherry on top of this list! It comes with an ambidextrous handle, which means it can be operated by both left-handed and right-handed users. This is a distinguishing feature that is rarely included in any other model.

The cast iron construction makes it one of the most durable reloadings presses on the market and is supposed to last a lifetime. Furthermore, the O frame design also makes it more stable and user-friendly. It’s built to withstand consistent workload, so you can depend on it to give precise results efficiently.

On top of that, the ball-shaped handle makes using it a complete breeze. Moreover, it’s equipped with a clever primer arm that can be easily used to attach the new primers. The primer is then pushed down and attached at the bottom automatically. This model is compatible with various types of calibers.

This is made possible due to its tall 4-inch clearance. It allows you to work with almost any type of bullet with ease. Now you don’t have to purchase more than one reloading press for different loading calibers. Its sturdy design enables you to load bullets relentlessly for an extended period of time.

It can also be upgraded to a progressive reloading press, unlike most models.


  • Ambidextrous handle with a wooden ball
  • Specialized primer arm
  • Stable and durable O frame design
  • 4-inch clearance


  • It is heavy

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What to Look for in a Reloading Press for Accuracy?

Despite having all the best reloading press reviews at your disposal, shopping for them just yet might be foolhardy. To make sure your model of choice has optimum accuracy, you must keep these factors under consideration.

Type of Materials

When choosing a single-stage reloading press, the construction material is a crucial factor to consider. It will determine how robust the machine is and how long it will last in the long run. The ideal construction material for these machines is cast iron.

This is a highly durable material that can withstand serious amounts of workload. However, models made of this material tend to be a heavyweight. This might not work for you if you’re looking for a more portable setup. In that case, try buying one made of aluminum or a durable polymer.

Both of these options are ideal for a long-lasting reloading press. Make sure you choose one that best suits your needs.

Style of Press

The style of press is as pivotal a factor as the previous one when deciding which reloading press to buy. This feature will keep your press stable and also increase the visible work area. The most efficient single presses come with an O frame design.

In this, the ram and dies are encased together within a compact space and provides enough support on both the front and back. The frame itself gives the single press a sturdy outline. You don’t need to worry about the type of material if your reloading press has an O frame design.

An alternative to this design is the C frame. In these models, only the dies are enclosed in a C shape, which doesn’t provide ample support on either side. As it doesn’t provide the single press with enough stability, you should pay more attention to the type of construction material you choose.

C frames are mostly recommended for working with smaller pistol rounds. Whereas, O frames are a more suitable choice for heavier rounds like the magnum rounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is reloading cheaper than buying?

Yes, in most cases, reloading can prove to be more beneficial than buying ammunition. Buying a 50-count box of 44 Magnum bullets will cost about $40. On the other hand, reloading your own ammo will cost only $13. However, certain calibers can cost more to reload than others.

2. Our reloading dies interchangeable with different presses?

Yes, most reloading dies are compatible with almost any reloading press. Some die screws may not be compatible with other presses due to their diameter. This is not the case with single-stage presses.

3. Is reloading ammo dangerous?

Reloading ammo is only as dangerous as shooting a gun. If you aren’t an experienced gunsmith, you should consider reloading ammo under expert supervision. Some manufacturers provide detailed manuals with their products. If yours wasn’t included, you must buy one online and read it before proceeding.

4. How many times can you reload brass?

Brass life can differ for each cartridge. Some cartridges can take up to 3 loads before collapsing, while others can take upwards of 20 loads! This largely depends on the method of reloading, the quality of your dies, and whether you anneal or not.

5. How much does a reloading setup cost?

The price of a reloading range will depend on its quality and durability. Prices can range from $30 and go up to $300. You can get a decent purchase within the $60 to $90 range.

Final Words

If you have made it to the end of this article, you can consider yourself well prepared to make your purchase. Make sure you read all the important factors you need to consider while buying. If you have a proper idea about all these models, you will surely be making the right choice for you.

BEWARE: Make sure to read all the manuals and provided instructions before reloading ammo. Take all the necessary precautions to ensure the utmost safety.