Individuals intending to buy a best rimfire rifle scope are provided with several options that make choosing a hard decision to make. In the United States, hunting or plinking is a common activity that requires a rifle. However, this can properly be achieved by selecting a rifle that provides a telescopic experience. This has increased the popularity of Rimfire rifles because they contained a lowered coil and offer a cheap alternative for an entry point and ammo.

The main problem facing the choice of a rimfire rifle scope is the price of its bullet, accuracy, dual purpose and manual for beginners. Whereas all these features are properly provided by Rimfire arms, its performance is determined by a combination of the scope.

The lens accompanying the rifle is the main concern that will guarantee effective services. This article provides the best rimfire rifle scope review to serve as a buyer’s guide in order to achieve its full potential.

Types Of Rimfire Rifle Scopes

Cartridges – They have specialized designed cartridges that only function with low pressure. The functionality requires a thin case in order to allow the firing pin to infatuate the rim and burn the primer. Commonly, the cartridges use .22lr bullet. This is because the cartridges use a smokeless powder that has more pressure compared to the traditional black powder. The overlying design of the rimfire working in a low pressure provided by the rimfire design enables its product to be light and cheap.

Truglo 4x32mm – This model comes with an already loaded with blister pack rings. It is an excellent set of lens and elastic cords. The covers had a plastic material for its lens that makes transportation and storage easy. Its eyepiece is adjustable and can be locked at the same time. As such this product being used in a Rimfire rifle will provide protection against scope bite. However, its main challenge is that it does not offer a mechanism to zero the turret.

BSA22 Model – It is a fixed power sported lens that is used in the rimfire rifles. It comes with a pack that has a cleaning cloth and a wrench for supporting the process of mounting. Plastic is the main material that is used to make the scope. However, it does not offer a mechanism for zeroing the turret. Its ocular eyepiece is adjustable and lockable.

Tasco Riflescope – It functions in a similar principle as the centerfire but has a heavier load and width. Its turrets are not adjustable and fail to provide a zero experience. The level of magnification is higher for this scope because it ranges from 3-9power. It contained a white dot to offer a required adjustment of the scope. The crosshairs are superb because they contained duplex contents. This is required for enhancing the clear vision of the target. Tasco provides a clear and sharp focus as the reticle was able to move across the grid.

Simmons Riflescope – It contains a rubber-edged ring that can rotate alongside the eyepiece to enhance the focus experience. This is a Quick Target Acquisition’ eyepiece that makes it a suitable product for the rimfire rifles. Its unique feature is the adjustable objective lens that is created to improve the parallax experience. as such, shooters are able to make properly adjustable in a varying distance of between 15-100 yards.

This is an important strategy of reducing parallax that is common in most rimfire rifles. Also, its turrets have a mechanism for zeroing through a simple practice of loosening screws found on the knurled knob.

Things to consider before buying

Reticle – It is important to consider certain factors before a decision to purchase a Rimfire rifle is undertaken. The first factor is the quality of the reticle. Majority of starters opt for a duplex reticle because of its simplicity. It is imperative that have reticle should be able to facilitate the BDC technology. Secondly, it should provide an ability to zero the image for a desirable distance that will make hitting desirable and easy. A duplex material is important it enables adjusting the image to various ranges.

Magnification – The second feature of a Rimfire rifle should be its magnification ability. People believe that using a .22lr cartridge does not require magnification, but this is not true. A magnification of between 3-9 is required to provide an excellent performance for an object that is located 100-220 yards. Based on the experience that a buyer expects to use the rifle; the rating of the magnification is very important. It is important that magnification is provided in a .22lr and this should be in the range of 2-7. This can provide a full potential for an object that is 300 yards away.

Weight – Weight is another important factor to consider in selecting a suitable product. For example, .22lr which is common to a majority of the Rimfire riffles has a net weight of about 5lbs. In this regard, combining it with a heavy and huge scope can greatly alter the balance. As such, the efficiency of the product will be limited. This should not be ignored on the basis that it is not required for bench rest shooting. It is a difficult task to manage an offhand shot, especially where the rifle is unbalanced. Therefore. Selecting a light scope created for a .22lr bullet is ideal for an individual pursuing adventure for hunting. Also, this is an important factor for starters intending to train for different positions like offhand.

Turret – The last factor that can be useful in selecting the rifle is the turret. This is an essential component in the Rimfire scope to improve the performance. Leupold VX is known for its terrible turrets which limits its scope. The turret should be designed to be zero and adjustable. For example, the Nikon Rimfire turret is specially designed for faster and simple abilities for achieving desired elevations. Therefore, a buyer should check for a strong and solid turret to be mounted on the scope.

Parallax – This is an optical illusion that can result in high levels of inaccuracy. It is important that a rifle is tested for parallax before it is purchased. Particularly, the Rimfire riffles provide a challenge in maintaining a 3-9 scope. Thus, the presence of parallax settings will enable reduction of this problem. On the other hand, parallax problem can be solved by using an adjusted objective. A rifle that has an objective that is adjustable is able to maintain the scope of parallax and enhance accuracy from different ranges.

The 5 Best Rimfire Rifle Scope Reviews

The following is a list of the top 5 best rimfire rifle scope review of 2019 with short details on their features and benefits to guide you in comparing and choosing the most appropriate and the rimfire rifle scope for your needs.

1. Nikon P-RIMFIRE BDC 150 Rifle Scope

This is regarded as an outstanding rifle scope that works well with a 22lr cartridge. Its features include; a waterproof construction, fog-proof, a BDC 150 feature, strategic style turrets. The advantage of this rifle includes;


  • This rifle provides a unique shooting experience for the user to aim a target that is 50-150 yards away.
  • Presence of a strategic style turrets provides an easy way to sight-in and reset its scope to a starting point zero again. Thus, it provides a good glass quality and better-regulated knobs.
  • It is a cheaper option and provides an outstanding quality of glass.
  • It is relatively easy to use and provides value for money.

2. Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm Compact Waterproof Fogproof Riflescope

This offers a traditional experience of the scope because its features have remained static for over ten years. Only the design has been altered to fit in the modern society but its features have remained static to make it appear classic. In comparison to Nikon, they resemble in their power needs, but the latter has a wider vision. Its features include; waterproof, adjustable windage, strong build quality, steadfast zero-focus, zoom erector and long dependability. The advantage of this features includes;


  • Zero-focus provides its users enjoy a bright and clear image. The main limitation is that it is not sophisticated with a simple reticle.
  • It is favored because of its waterproof and for resistance because this is common challenges during hunting.
  • Users enjoy a high level of repeatability provided by the adjustable windage. This product is suitable because it has a long dependability for providing quality service.
  • Its versatile nature of the zoom erector makes it ideal for a varied number of situations.

3. Bushnell Drop Zone-22 BDC Rimfire Reticle Riflescope

This is a cheaper option, unlike the first two rifles. Its scopes work efficiently with the AR-15 rifles that are designed to host a .22lr cartridge. Its main features include; aluminum alloys, long display, powerful magnification, a multicoated system, and adjustable turrets, Bushnell Drop Zone. The advantages of the features include;


  • It is a long display that is properly suited for a powerful magnification.
  • Bushnell Drop Zone” allows the user to easily pick any moving objects.
  • The turrets are adjustable to allow a better experience.
  • It has a distinctive multi-coated optics that provide high levels of brightness.
  • Also, it is possible to have side focus and this enables targeting to be made easier.
  • Aluminum alloys are durable and offer protection to the inner elements.

4. Vortex Crossfire II 2-7×32 Second Focal Plane Riflescopes

It is classified as a mid-range but offers a better user experience with the .22lr cartridge. Its features include; elaborate magnification, a multi-coated system, waterproof resistance, reticle focusing and zero function. The advantages of the features include;


  • The user is able to lock the machine and its scope is excellent with a clear sight display.
  • The nitrogen tube offers waterproof resistance as well as fog-proof.
  • It has unique windage that can be adjusted and turrets that offer a zero function.
  • A fast focus ability of the eyepiece promotes a calm reticle focusing.
  • Also, the lens provides a clear and bright picture of the target.
  • The aluminum material of the aircraft grade provides strength and a required shockproof performance.

5. Primary Arms Fixed Power 6X32 Rifle Scope

The giant leap forward ability of the reticle design makes the rifle unique among the Rimfire products. It functions with the BDC technology that is linked to range estimation as one system. also, the user enjoys a good hit ratio that makes the target time reduced. This makes it ideal for range clays and plinking and hunting.


  • Lightweight and crystal clear display.
  • Great scope for your .22 rifle.
  • Works great on CMP rimfire rifle.
  • Extended 3-year warranty ensures about the quality of the materials.

Where to buy the best rimfire rifle scope online?

The location of purchasing a Rimfire rifle is important for several purposes. As observed, the quality of the products may differ but using a reliable seller will ensure that all the features are provided. Secondly, a reliable seller will provide a warranty to replace parts or the scope in case of a damage. Rimfire rifles can be sourced online through consulting hunting magazines, shooting forums and buyer reviews. is the most suitable online website because it contains a lot of product types. Also, the website is user-friendly and the buyer is able to navigate to access to more information that can be required. Similarly, it has a lot of customers review that can provide information concerning the performance and durability. The review is properly provided as important features that enable the user to save time. Lastly, the shopping experience for selected rimfire is provided to assist the buyers.

Final Words

The above Rimfire scope review has presented expensive and cheaper products that may suit the budget of any individual. This is elaborated by the specifications concerning how the reliability of the scope has featured. A high price for the product is a strategy used by manufacturers to demonstrate their quality. Buyers can properly use prices as a strategy for making an informed choice for performance. For example, Sightron and Leupold have the best scopes as indicated by price.

Important features like parallax and reticle are important factors that determine a suitable choice of a Rimfire rifle. However, this cannot be a suitable factor where the scope will fail after a few hours of operation. Om the other hand, a visual capability is important for all kinds of Rimfire rifles. The buyer should consider the reliability of the optic precision.

Medium priced riffles like Nikon have a proper design and offer a cheap opportunity for mainstream shooters. In particular, the Nikon is a perfect selection for adults. Majority of rimfire shooters and hunters will find this rifle ideal.

Lastly, the low-priced riffles like Bushnell have a better working experience. ideally, the low-price tag may be related to their low quality but this is not true. In case of a shooter, it provides a better improvement compared to the iron sights. Also, the best rimfire rifle scope reviews have shown that it has several inexpensive rifles that provide a better adult experience.