Are you tired of shaky or uneven footage? I know exactly how irritating it is. But don’t worry we have the perfect solution for you. The best camera tripod can be your choice in this situation. When, where and how the need of a camera tripod will arise no one knows. So it’ll be very wise to keep a tripod with you.
You might be thinking, carrying large tripods all the way, it’s not something comfortable. Who told you to carry monster tripods? I have a better option for you, portable tripods. They are foldable, easy to carry and affordable. It’s actually up to you, you need a large tripod or a small one, depends on the need.
Yet, in the market, as there are a hell lot of tripods displayed on the shelf, how would you pick the best one? Do you have any idea about tripods? No?
Okay. How would you feel if I guide you to the best tripods? Thank me in advance because that’s exactly what I am going to do right in this very article. Stay tuned and go through all the sections below.

Top 7 Best Camera Tripods of 2019

All these tripods have made their way to here by their outstanding capabilities. Each of them has the highest-ratings and real user feedbacks. Hope you’ll find one for you.

1. Vanguard Alta Pro Aluminum Tripod | Best Overall

Let me start with the Vanguard Alta pro tripod. This is one of the best tripods you will find in the market right now. From low price to amazing features, it owns them all. I don’t know how the manufacturer can offer a high-quality product at a low price.

It comes with 3-section 26mm legs which can be adjustable to 25, 50 and 80-degree angles and that enables you to shoot from an extremely low angle. Also offers a quick release plate and three bubbles level.

Vanguard Alta Pro Aluminum tripod comes with outstanding stability and it can hold up to 11 pounds.  Comes with an anti-shock ring, fast flip leg locks, rubber at the bottom of the leg with spikes.

The entire tripod weight is 5 pounds and the center column move from 0 to 180 degrees. On the other hand, it comes in a great design. Overall an outstanding performer.


Highly stable

Holds up to 11 pounds

Great design

Reasonable price

Rubber feet


The PH-32 head is not so durable

2. Induro Tripods CLT304L | Best Splurge

nduro Tripods CLT304L is slightly similar to the previous one in term of design. This tripod also very well built and comes up in professional black color. It features a machined aluminum top plate, oversized weight hook and a set of screws for safe lockdown.

It comes with 3 columns which are nicely durable. It has rubber at the bottom of the legs along with the spike. This tripod in nicely stable and comes with a carrying case which enables you to carry it wherever you want.

This is the best tripod for DSLR as it can hold up to 11 pounds which means you can use it for heavy lenses and the best part is, the manufacturer offers 5-years warranty.




Rubber grip

Cool design

Aluminum plate


This tripod is expensive

3. MeFOTO Classic Carbon Fiber Roadtrip Travel tripod | Best premium

The MeFOTO Classic Carbon Fiber Roadtrip Travel tripod is very popular DSLR tripod. You’ll see its advertisement on every top photography website. This tripod could be used by both newbie and professional.

The quick release plate and bubble level allow head movement up to 360 degrees. In uneven surfaces, you can lock down two legs in order to get a perfect shot. It comes with so many colors, you can choose any.

It has a spring loaded recessed hook where you can hang extra weight in order to increase the stability of the tripod. Also features dual-action heavy ball head. This tripod legs can be folded back to 180 degrees.


Very stable

Spike and rubber feet

Comes with a carry bag

Easy to use

Comes in different colors


This tripod is a little heavy which can make it irritating for you to carry it

4. Rangers Ultra Compact and Lightweight Aluminum Tripod | Best Compact

Are you looking for medium-quality camera tripod that is reasonably priced? To be very precise under 100? Well, then the Rangers Ultra Compact and Lightweight Aluminum Tripod could be a great catch for you.

This tripod has a blend of both good design and quality. The fork of this tripod is nicely crafted by CNC machine in order to ensure the high-quality. It comes with 360-degree PANORAMA along with two adjustable knobs.

The ball head rotates to 360 degrees which enables you to take perfect pictures. On the other hand, this tripod is one of the best ball head tripod, which also features two built-in levels so you can get the best shots possible.

Setup process of this tripod is very easy. It has 4 legs which feature fast release flip-locks, so you can adjust it with minimal time. The compact design, makes it look good.




Nice design

Rotates 360 degrees


This tripod is not for professionals

5. JOBY GorillaPod SLR Zoom- Flexible Mini Tripod

If you are looking for a flexible and lightweight camera tripod, then you might want to take a look at the JOBY GorillaPod SLR Zoom tripod. It comes with a unique design and it is one of the trending tripods.

The legs of this tripods are interconnected ball joints which enables this tripod to grip almost everywhere. This tripod is highly-durable, have the ability to serve you for years.

This flexible tripod is easily maneuverable and the head rotates to 360 degrees. The best part about this tripod is, there is no chance that you will get a shaky shot when it’s placed right.

JOBY Gorillapod SLR Zoom tripod is made of ABS plastic, stainless steel, and German TPE. This one is the best tripod for mirrorless cameras. The quick change plate also stays with the camera that enables you to interchange with ease.


Good quality

Unique design

Can grip on the most thing

Best for the mirrorless camera

Lightweight and portable


I don’t think this tripod can hold heavy gears

6. AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod | Best Cheap tripod

The AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod is the cheapest tripod you’ll find on the market right now. It comes with a traditional look. Firstly, I want to clarify that, this tripod is not for professionals and heavy gears.

This tripod is lightweight, adjustable and comes with three legs which are connected to each other. It also features slip-resistant rubber at the bottom of the legs.

The AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod is perfect for go pro, digital cameras, video cameras, etc. It also features two built-in bubble view. And the fast release plate helps in quick transition in between shots.

You get what you pay for but this AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod gives few extra than the price. However, these tripods are for beginners and make sure you don’t use heavy gears on it.


Traditional design

Fairly stable

Build in bubble view

Cheap Price


Can’t hold heavy gears

Not for professionals

7. Manfrotto MTPIXIEVO-RD PIXI EVO 2 Section Mini Tripod | Best Mini Tripod

And here comes the last one- one of the best mini tripod. The MTPIXIEVO-RD PIXI EVO 2 Section Mini Tripod is highly portable and lightweight. Comes in a small size which can be stored anywhere.

Like others, the legs of this tripod is adjustable. The ball heads tilt to 90 degrees. This tripod is ideal for beginner level DSLR and SLR. The design is classy but doesn’t help in professional shoots.

It can hold weight up to 5.5 lbs makes it unsuitable for heavy gears. The main perk of owning this tripod is, being able to carry it wherever you want.


Very Nice design

Highly portable




This tripod is made for lightweight cameras

The Use of DSLR Camera Tripod

People use a tripod for different reasons. I do for some reason; you might do for different one. So in order to give you a clear view of why people use tripod below, I have given some reasons. Have a look,

  • Some people use tripods in order to increase the sharpness.
  • Some use it when the light is very low.
  • In order to get an unshaken photo when the shutter speed is very slow.
  • Some use to rest the heavy camera gears such as telephoto lenses and etc.
  • To frame a picture better.
  • In order to shoot panoramic and HDR.
  • Some use to get excellent landscape photos.
  • Few people use in order to get night time photos such as start trail, milky way, moon, etc.
  • To shoot from extremely close.
  • In order to hold various items, such as light, softbox, flashes, etc.
  • To shoot video with no vibration.

For me, I mostly use tripods for landscape photos. When the sun rises or sets, the light level remains very low which is why I need to increase the ISO and slower the shutter speed. In this very setup, shooting from the hand is the worst idea. It’ll be shaky for sure. And a tripod is my best friend, who helps me through this kind of problems.

What to Check-in Best Camera Tripod?

To ensure that you are getting your hand on the best tripod, you have to check for some features in it. I am assuming that you don’t exactly know, which things to look for when buying a tripod and for that, I have a made a guide. This guide below has all the factors you should check before you buy any tripod. Scroll down.

The Weight Rating

It is the most important thing you should check before you buy any tripod. The weight rating means how much weight the tripod can hold. I have seen most newbie photographer makes this mistake. They choose a tripod which can hold a few pounds and ends up pretty bad.

If you choose a tripod that can only hold onto few pounds, along with the tripod you will end up breaking both your camera and lens. So you have to choose a tripod which can hold weight 2x more than your camera and gears.

Because with time you might change lenses, add the battery grip, flash and on the other hand when we shoot from a tripod sometimes we put out hand on it and sometimes body pressure goes on it, so it’s better to choose one with higher weight rating.


Our main motive of using a tripod is getting unshaken and perfectly framed footages. This can happen to you even when you have an unstable tripod. An unstable tripod can easily tip over, sometimes because of wind which can risk your camera and lens safety. So before you make a purchase decision, make sure that is highly stable.


You are not someone who would buy a tripod in every week, right? So you have to make sure that you choose a tripod that lasts for more than years. How that’s going to happen? Very simple. Just check the material used in making the tripod. If you have no idea about the material, browse the internet. The better material used is building this tripod, the more durable it would be.


Budget is always an issue for most. People who are on a tight budget always looking for cheap staffs which are going to pay them more in long run. Always remember, you get what you pay for.

This is the common thing we do, just because a product has a cheap price, without even thinking about the performance, we immediately buy it. And end up really bad.

High-quality products will cost you more and that’s pretty obvious. If you don’t have the amount now, I urge you to wait for little more, gather the money and then buy the best one.

And especially in the case of a tripod, it will hold your valuable camera and lenses, once it breaks, it goes with all. So be very wise and pick the high-quality tripod.


Best Camera Tripods for DSLR & phone cameras | Final Words

Time to wrap up. Hope my top 7 best camera tripod list helped you to choose the best one for you. You surely didn’t compromise a thing when buying the camera, so don’t do it when buying a tripod. It seems like not so very important but it actually very important.

However, I tried my best to help you with the best tripods. If you have any disagreement or any suggestion, don’t forget to hit me up through the comment section. Happy Shooting!