Kids Bird Watching: 9 Tips for Bird Watching With Kids

Kids Bird Watching
Bird Watching

I can not believe I am writing this article. Before I began this site, I had zero interest in birds. In reality, I used to joke that I loved watching wildlife – except in regards to the birds. Kids Bird Watching

It was only when I began really inviting birds into our garden and seeing them carefully which I became such a massive fan. I really like that they are one facet of character we can appreciate where we go – and there are constantly new birds to find.

My growing love for the birds has not gone unnoticed by my kids. Actually, it’s one of the favorite ways to explore the character. Everyone can do it almost anywhere, anytime, which makes it a fantastic activity to share with kids.

We are still starting bird watchers, but we have discovered a thing or 2 worth discussing. Listed below are a couple of-of the tips for bird viewing with kids.


1. Produce a bird-friendly backyard therefore that it turns into a location birds are going to want to see. We hang bird feeders also have a birdbath (both of which we refill frequently). Think about planting some indigenous, bird-friendly plants, also.

2. We like to “speak” to our yard creatures. To accomplish this, we hear the noises that they make, then attempt to mimic them. The kids think that this is loads of pleasure; I love the way that it makes the birds look like a part of our extended family.

3. Purchase a field manual. Take a look at a couple of distinct guides to birds locally from the regional library to get the one which’s ideal for you. Become acquainted with birds that frequent your region.

4. Enhance the opinion. Put money into a kid-friendly set of binoculars to help attract the birds to closer view.

5. Make your own bird book. Read everything you see. The Large Explorer’s bird publication contains sketches and a couple of straightforward facts about the birds we visit frequently. Yours can include where you move, the date, the weather or graphics you require.

6. Explore nearby character with a manual or even a group. Popular birding places, and sometimes even nature centers, frequently offer free guided excursions – a few of which can be geared toward families. Much even supply viewing equipment.

7. Make bird watching fun – and secure. Ask kids to spot the color of this bird’s beaks and toes – both vital aspects of identifying birds. For younger kids, make a bird viewing scavenger hunt to flip bird viewing into a match. However, leave the stale bread in your home; feeding on it into wild birds is strictly prohibited.

8. Participate in The Fantastic Backyard Bird Count. To take part in The fantastic Backyard Bird Count, see and count birds in your yard, a park or even in college. Spend only 15 minutes bird watching along with your kids, then examine what you see online. The event occurs annually in February.

9. Follow your kids’ lead. Bird watching does not only occur during particular outings involving field guides and binoculars. The Small Explorer enjoys chasing birds on the beach and playground (since they fly overhead, mind you!), chatting together in the garden and hammering them at every chance. I am only pleased he finds them a lot of fun!


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