Article:Emarth spotting scope is versatile, affordable and easy to use. The optic delivers variable magnification that ranges from 20X to 60X, which is a substantial power level useful for many purposes. It is, therefore, ideal for spotting small objects close-up or even huge ones far away. Its other features include an easy-to-use central focusing knob and a handy BK-7 glass with enough refractive index to prevent image distortion.

This balanced Emarth 20-60x60AE Waterproof Angled Spotting Scope Review details all you need to know about the product.

Emarth Spotting Scope Key Features

Powerful Optics

With a 45-degree eyepiece, Emarth spotting scope facilitates comfortable viewing for lengthy periods. The angled design additionally minimizes distortion and blurring thus providing more details about your target. The spotting scope contains a 60mm objective lens for ample field of view at high magnifications.

A special coating, applied to the optic’s lenses, makes the product usable in harsh climatic conditions including during rainy weather. It is also fog-proof; a whitish coat does not form around the lenses when you use it in foggy conditions.

Ergonomic Design

The shock absorbing rubber armor as well as multicoated lenses renders using and transporting the spotting scope both safe and secure. The former enhances grip while the multi-coat safeguards Emarth spotting scope from scratches and fingerprints among other aesthetic damages.

The inbuilt BK-7 prism provides the crispiest and fulfilling viewing experience compared to other scope products in its price range. With its powerful objective lens, you can easily hone in on any object including moving targets.

Other features

Durability: the product is shock resistant, contains a coated glass that can survive a fall beside the fact the lenses have O-ring sealing.

Handy accessories: the spotting scope comes with a high-quality carrying case, tabletop tripod, lens cap and user manual

Angled design: this brand comes with a powerful eyepiece, angled at 45 degrees, which provides vivid colors, sharp contrasts and outstanding resolution.

Customer reviews and rating

Emarth spotting scope attains generous ratings and is in general positively regarded by its customers. Clients applaud the fact the product enabled them to observe finer details of targets; some even located more than 700 yards away. They could not hide their joy after finding the spotting scope easy to use, compact, lightweight and resistant to falls and weather elements.

The product apparently lasted longer than they imagined, all along providing outstanding performance. That the users recommended, the scope product is, therefore, understandable.

While agreeing that the spotting scope is a great viewing instrument, one client confessed he prefers spotting scopes whole focusing knobs are on the glass side. He, nonetheless, concurs the controls are well-knurled and appropriately positioned. Handling and turning the same is a lot easy, even when you have hand-gloves on.

Evidently, Emarth is a high-quality spotting scope which both seasoned and new users can use for a broad range of purposes ranging from target shooting to bird watching.

Other Specification

Magnification range: 20X to 60X, the magnification range that clients found adequate for a broad range of spotting scope uses.

Size: It measures 350mm by 100mm by 75mm. Customers agree the compact size makes the product easy to store

Weight: It weighs 640g meaning transporting the scope over long distances requires minimal effort from users.

Color and Optical Coating: It has a rich forest-green color and uses multi-layered coating thus providing optimal clarity levels necessary for the ultimate viewing experience.


Emarth spotting scope, a well-designed and hence comfortable and easy to use optic provides years of amazing experience. The product’s all-weather conditions capability, together with a competitive price tag means it is suitable for diverse naturalist and outdoors individuals.

Its other attractive features include a shock absorbing structure, great angled eyepiece and ample magnification range. So, regardless of the type of outdoor purpose, you intend to use your spotting scope for, this model presents an affordable yet highly functional option.