Article:Firefield Spotting Scope Kit claims to be the newest and most advanced addition to this spotting scope category. Featuring a practical and elegant design, this model boasts of combining the latest technological inventions that are required to produce sharp and clear views. Plus, this is a versatile model and it can be easily used for long distance game tracking and target shooting.

Furthermore, Firefield Spotting Scope is weatherproof, waterproof, and fog proof. With this best spotting scope, an enthusiast will definitely enjoy the ultimate passion and thrill of outdoor activities. In the following section, you will reveal key features of this product.

Firefield Spotting Scope Key Features

1. BAK-4 Prism Offers Sharp Optic View

A prism plays a crucial role and allows the spotting scope to produce high-quality images. In this model, the prism is made of the industry-accredited BAK-4 glass. It helps to improve and increase the quality of the image of an outdoor target. Plus, the BAK-4 Prism is efficient enough to offer a sharp and bright optic view.

2. Nitrogen Purged Tube Makes It Fog Proof

Firefield Spotting Scope comes with a nitrogen purged tube that makes this gadget fog proof. Even if you are using this product in an extremely humid weather, the technology will prevent internal fogging. With its “Nitrogen Purged Tube”, our outdoor adventure will be even more enjoyable and pleasant.

More Additional Features That Makes It Superior

  • Straight Rubber Eyepiece: The straight rubber eyepiece of Firefield Spotting Scope offers you an adequate eye relief (when you are using it consistently). Plus, the eye pupil of this product generates high-quality and big size images of the target objects.
  • Durable Construction: The robust, sturdy, and durable construction of this model has made it essentially different & outstanding. The product has been designed with the most technologically advanced formulas. It offers you a practical & elegant design. Furthermore, its robust construction can withstand any extreme weather situations.
  • Built-in Sunshades: Firefield Spotting Scope features a built-in sunshade that protects the delicate objective lens from sun reflection and rain water. This glare-reducing and protective sunshade will eventually make your nature observing amusement even more exciting and delightful.
  • Full-Size Adjustable Tripod: The tripod is considered to be the most necessary associate of any spotting scope. It plays a vital role in keeping the product firm and steady and offers you a stable viewing. This particular model features a full-size adjustable tripod, using which you can setup the model for proper targeting.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Obviously, customer reviews play a key role while making any buying decision. It’s important to carefully assess the customer reviews before purchasing any product. Based on the numerous reviews posted on by its genuine buyers, it has been proved that the “Firefield Spotting Scope” is one of the most excellent products in this price range. A vast majority of this product is truly satisfied with its offerings and performance.


A few users have complained that the product offers a minor distortion at a higher magnification range. However, it’s a pretty generic issue as it’s commonly found in other spotting scope models too.

Product Colors, Size, and Type – The model comes with a royal black color. The size of this model is perfect for any outing adventure. Moreover, the product package includes a robust Nylon Carrying Case that makes it easy-to-carry.

The Final Verdict

Considering the aforementioned benefits, it can be further concluded that Firefield Spotting Scope is an outstanding optic instrument that will make your outdoor adventure or your passion for nature observing even more appealing. Its 20-60x magnification capability and Bak-4 prism really produce sharp views and high-quality digiscope images.