Picking the right hunting backpack is a matter that ought to be given a topmost priority. This is because the nature of hunting in itself is intriguing. It requires you to detach from your home for some time and retreat to a far location. You will also have to carry plenty of loads while on the go.

For you to arrive at the best ever decision, you have to factor several hunting tips and tricks. We have sampled and are going to explain those that determine the choice of the right backpack in the ensuing conversations.

Thanks to Ashley Xefer, the Chief Editor of Inflatablepicks Blog for contributing on this article.

Load Capacity

This is by far the most significant consideration. After killing the game, you will have to transport it to your home. You will definitely use your tactical backpack to do this. Ask yourself the following question, ‘how much load do I anticipate to carry?’ ‘Does this backpack have what it takes to carry that load?’ ‘Is it strong enough for the said role?’ ‘How resistant it is to the elements of wear and tear?’

Size and Fit

You do not want a backpack that is too large or too small for you. On the contrary, you also want a backpack that fits nicely on your body and physique. This is to eliminate unnecessary inconveniences and enhance your comfort in times of use. You should, therefore, pay keen attention to the size and the fit of the backpacks you intend to purchase.


Other than the weight capacity, the weight of the backpack in and of itself also matters. You do not want a bag that shall impose an unnecessary drag on you. You want one that is very light to allow you walk free. This is also handy especially for long-term and frequent usage. Be sure therefore that the bag you intend to settle is made of lighter materials.


While hiking or camping, you will generally be confronted with several issues and challenges. The steepness of the trails varies from time to time, the external temperature changes, and so does the amount of load, among others. To accommodate these changes perfectly, your hiking backpack of choice has to be adjustable. It has to possess straps, buckles, and other adjustability features. These should not be that much complicated to handle also.


This refers to the range of uses to which the backpack can be put. A good backpack should be able to carry out as many hunting related tasks as possible. These include storage of essential items, carrying the game hunted, safeguarding other gears, traveling, and serving as a head pillow at night. Be sure to check this out so that you may be assured of higher returns on investments.

Intended Frequency of Use

‘How often do you intend to use the hunting backpack?’ Most people go hunting once in a while. A lot more though do it regularly. Of these two kinds of hunters, which one are you? Answer this question first and foremost before buying the backpack of your choice. For frequent and long-term use of outdoor activities, you require a strong and durable bag. This is to reduce the pace of deterioration.

Material Composition

The kinds of materials that have been used to make up the backpack determine their comfort and convenience. In light of this, you also have to factor in this consideration. A good smell proof backpack ought to be breathable, highly ventilated, lighter in weight, and waterproof. Nylon and polyester are two materials that are particularly outstanding for waterproof backpacks. Assign a topmost priority to the backpacks that are manufactured using them.


Brands do matter when it comes to the choice of the right hunting backpack. Some brands have stood out as being strong, consistent, and reliable. They include the Buck Commander, Timber Hawk, Slumber jack, Badlands, and ALPS. In your search for the right bag, give them a higher priority as they are more likely to yield you greater satisfaction. You will also spend less on maintaining the bags of these brands.

Cost vs. Financial Resource Endowment

Finally, you do not want to drain your pockets just so you can buy a hunting backpack, do you? In this regard, you want to acquire one that is cheap and well within your means. This is why you have to compare prices of various bags on sale and weigh their prices against your budget. You should thereafter settle on that one which fits well within your budget.

Closing Remarks

As you may well have realized, finding the right hunting backpack is no mean feat. You will have to invest a great deal of technical expertise and attention to have it done. It is for this reason that we urge you to bring in an expert to help you out. A brief chat with the storekeeper of your sports house will equally be of help.