Weather invades most of your hunting experiences. It’s really doesn’t matter what type of games you are participating and which kinds of animals you are shooting at. Bitter weather can ruin your hunt and your equipment’s like binoculars, spotting scope etc.

Weather and survival is the first priority for humans. And, it affects everyone’s behavior. If you are targeting a deer in extreme cold, you have to pay attention if the weather changes drastically. So planning for weather is as important to wear the coat of success. It happens when thermometer seems to indicate midsummer and hot humid temperature.

Knowing how to deal with dire weather may save your life and you can return to your family with the winner’s trophy. So how can you turn the conditions in your favor? I’m glad you asked that question. Below are the answers.

Cold Weather Hunting Preparation And How To Beat:

The biggest risk you can expect is hypothermia, which attracts only in freeze weather. It’s common and even become worst if you take it lightly. Know your important gear and remain fit physically is your only chance to survive. What are the preparations?

1. Gear up properly than ever:

It’s important to know which types of clothes can save you from cold weather. I don’t mind choosing cotton or wool fabric as my out layer. It helps to hold moisture and keep you warm for hours.

Better to wear multilayers. A pro tip: try to pick lighter materials as it smoothers your motion. Besides upper clothing, you need a solid plan for protecting your lower part also. The material of upper layer clothing is important as it can hold moisture than the inner part, which can touch your skin. Wear boot, good shocks, and pants that are made of warm materials that I mentioned a few minutes ago.

It’s also needed to be mentioned that insulation is important as warmth. And thanks to advance science that now we have synthetic fiber, which gives us better insulation. My recommendation would be to choose a combination of natural and synthetic fiber that can give you better protection.

2. Camp or stand set up tricks:

As a hunter, animals may lead you to choose the shooting location, but which shelter you will choose solely depends on you. When it’s your own subject, why taking a risk? So set up your tree stand and camp where you get better shelter from snowfall or fizzy wind.

This proper shelter from cold will let you focus more on hunting strategy instead of thinking about hypothermia.

3. Plan for ear, head, and heat wisely:

Like foot, ear and head are one of the vulnerable parts of the human body can be affected badly due to the cold air. Your ear and head need to dry and healthy. Wear proper protection and remember to choose such materials can suck outside moisture and don’t let it enter inside the ear. Moisture inside the ear can create ear fungal. So I prefer equipment as beanie and tuque, which gives me maximum protection for ear and head.

Also, I wear hand gloves and under armor that protects my nose and mouth besides head and ear. In extremely cold weather, your finger may stop working perfectly. A perfect pair will give you the maximum agility to handle your weapon.

How to Keep Cool When the Weather Gets Hot?

It’s always worth entering into a hunting territory unless you aren’t prepared to hunt on a hot sunny day. Why is that? It’s simply because we are crazy for hunting and there are always ways to keep cool. So what does it matters if it’s too hot, too muggy or some miserable weather? Let’s know some common sense (!), which let you deal with unseasonably hot temperature.

1. Pick the dress, which can lead towards success:

I never wear shorts which are above my knees on a sunny day especially when the sun is burning like hell! Dress practically and off-course it should be according to the temperature.

Wear a shirt under your suit just like you do in cold weather. It’s natural that warm leads sweating. So I wear compression fabric that allows freedom to move in any motion. Besides, it keeps me dry.

It’s also important to keep your skin out of sunlight. If you don’t find a good shelter, then wear long sleeves are made of lightweight cotton or synthetic fabric. I prefer wearing light color so it reflects direct sunrays.

Wearing wide brim hat is also equally important to cover your neck and face. Another pro tip: use polarizes sunglasses to increase your vision. It bounces off the outdoor reflective surfaces. Besides, it also safe to wear special filters while seeing through hunting binoculars or mirrored cameras.

2. Drink water; then again drink some more:

Drink lots and lots of water. It protects you from being dehydrated. When you feel thirsty that indicates you are already at the first stage of dehydration. I freeze a water bottle and carry it while hunting under the hot sun. Moreover, fluids help to keep your body cool.

3. Set up tree stand under shade:

While setting up your tree stand prefer ideal shelter and look for wide space. The tree must be enough leafy and it should cover you from morning and evening sun. Or at least position your stand so that your face will not be visible towards direct sunlight.

4. Try to use External cooling help:

Sometimes you’ll need external cooling equipment. There might be several devices but I prefer the bellow two types.

First gel filled neck wrap or bandana that wrapped around the neck. For better performance, I freeze it at zero degree temperature so that I can get the cooling effect for day long.

Another device is a small battery powered fan, which sprays water while spinning. This handy device works very fast. Hunters use it to get a quick response to face and arm. To get more information about best airsoft sniper rifle reviews.

Finally, if prepare sufficiently, anyone can enjoy a great hunting even in harsh temperature. Terrible conditions can happen at any stage, anywhere in life. Luck won’t favor you all time. So it’s best to take proper preparation and plan well to turn the worst condition in your favor. Follow the above principles and hope for the best scenario.

If you have any safety experience that saved your life, you can discuss it in the below comment section.