Article:The vanguard endeavor hd spotting scope is specially designed to provide a clear view of things which are far away. This means that you can enjoy nature more through bringing things closer. When you are exploring or any other outdoor activity you can use this scope. It has modern features which combine to produce the best results. Yu just need to adjust the scope accordingly to view whatever you want.

Vanguard Endeavor HD Spotting Scope Key Features

  1. Rubber armored magnesium body with built in sunshield

The rubber armored magnesium body is meant to protect the entire scope. This means that the body of the vanguard endeavor HD spotting scope protects the inner features. The body ensures that water cannot get into the main features of the scope. The body also provides the user of the scope with a firm grip.

This is important especially while one does not have gloves. By having a firm grip one is able to focus more effectively.

  1. Extra low dispersion glass

This glass plays an important role of reducing chromatic aberrations. This in turn allows the vanguard endeavor HD spotting scope to have a sharp view with high contrast. Because of this even the objects which are far a way becomes clear. This glass is complimented by a BAK4 roof prisim.

This also covers the glass and protects it from distracting lights. Consequently, one is able to view everything that needs to be seen. Please follow the link to get more information about best spotting scope reviews.

Other Features and specifications

  • Premium ED glass for excellent colors
  • MultiGuard coating to enable higher light transmitting
  • Dual focus control for easy tuning
  • Sunshield to eliminate glare in places with sunlight
  • An angled eyepiece that is detachable
  • A hundred percent fog and water proof
  • A field of view that goes up to 1000 yards
  • An eye relief of 20 millimeters
  • A total weight of just 51 ounces

Customer reviews and scores

Majority of the customers who have used the vanguard endeavor HD spotting scope liked most of its features. A significant percentage of the customers are people who have used other scope.

One customer said, “I have used many scopes in my many years of exploration but not can beat this one.” Customers also liked the fact that most of the features of this scope are modern and technologically oriented.

One customer had a complaint that the vanguard endeavor HD spotting scope is not easy to use on a tripod. However, this mainly depends on the tripod that the particular customer was using. There are tripods which come in different sizes and designs. Therefore, if you choose the right tripod you will be able to use this particular scope perfectly.

Product’s color, size and type

The length of this scope is just 65 millimeters and its total weight is 3.2 pounds. Its model is Endeavor HS 65A and it is available in black. Most of the customers said that they like the dimensions. This is because these dimensions make it easy to use, carry and store the scope. By going through any Vanguard Endeavor HD 65A Angled Eyepiece Spotting Scope review one can tell that the customers like this scope.


It is evident that vanguard endeavor HD spotting scope has features that make it stand out. Majority of its features are modern which makes it efficient. These features are easy to adjust and they provide clear vision of the things being viewed. Therefore, just like many of the other users of this scope I would recommend it to anyone who wants an effective scope.