Article:Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope is setting a new standard in modern optical technologies, ultra-sleek functionality and precision artistry. From premium High Definition glass lens to meticulously hand-selected elements, coupled with a deliberate determination to exact new standards, Razor HD delivers brilliant, razor-sharp and hence true to life images. The Scope features state-of-the-art optics that effectively eliminates undesirable aberrations. It’s modern optical elements provide distortion-free, flat-field views with unparalleled edge-to-edge sharpness, resolution, color accuracy, and clarity. Read on for an insightful Vortex 27-60×85 Razor HD Spotting Scope Review.

Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope key Features


One of the best features in Vortex 27-60×85 Razor is a high definition image capability; it makes the model the most advanced spotting scope in its price range. Besides the colors through the scope being true to life, everything else is razor sharp from edge to edge, an area in which other rival products fail considerably. Other scopes in the same price range blur the image near the edges thus decreasing your overall field of view. Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope superbly preserves image quality across its magnification range, up to and including its 60X maximum magnification.

Digiscoping Capability

You can reliably use the spotting scope to take high-quality videos and photography. Thanks to its top-quality optics, the product delivers amazingly great photos right off the bat. Just attach your camera to the device and proceed to capture and preserve crystal clear images for future use. Coincidently, most cameras match amazingly well with Vortex 27-60×85 Razor HD Spotting Scope’s wide angle lens, a feature that gives you the liberty to use any camera of your choice.

Other Features and Specifications

The scope comes with a suitably adjustable eye cup. This feature twists up and down easily allowing for comfortable viewing whether you have eyeglasses or not.

It’s inbuilt sunshade dependably reduces glare. The same also protects the objective lens from snows, raindrops and other destructive elements.

An O-ring seal inhibits dust, debris and moisture from penetrating the device for commendable performance irrespective of prevailing weather conditions.

Customer Reviews and Rating

Customers like the performance, design and operability of Vortex 27-60×85 Razor HD Spotting Scope. The fact the model sports large and more powerful objective lens appeals to users a great deal. Additionally, the manufacturer’s decision to position the focus ring at the center of the scope body equally appeals users; it renders the device easier for clients to adjust besides giving the Scope a beautiful sleek design. Hunters also found the high performance of the spotting scope in low lightings irresistible. A scope is of no use to a hunter if they can’t utilize it during dusk or dawn when the game is on the move.

While all customers who have tried the Scope agree it performs wonderfully well, a few noted negligible shortcomings like a slight difference with its predecessor models. Consequently, anyone upgrading from an older model may need some time to get used to Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope. For example, the larger knob moves marginally faster through the focus range. A new user may also find it difficult to find focus the spotting scope using the helical knob but with practice, it gets simpler. Clearly, therefore, these drawbacks fade in significance compared to the products overall impressive performance.

Product Details

Vortex 27-60×85 Razor HD Spotting Scope is straight. This type simplifies target acquisition and eliminates the need to crane your neck forward while using it.

At the middle of the scopes body is the focusing adjustment. Consequently, focusing it is very easy. The section also operates smoothly providing fine and accurate adjustments

The angled body design allows for a, generally, lower mounting height which, in turn, provides greater comfort.


Vortex 27-60×85 Razor HD Spotting Scope has everything it takes to enrich your outdoor in virtually countless ways. So, whether you are looking for a best spotting scope for scouting or hunting for game, watching wildlife in the field or any other purpose, rest assured this model does not disappoint. Vortex Razor HD optical performance, ease of use, great design and much more are simply irresistible.