Today we are going to discuss two pistol shooting sports in our article. Hunting has a deep history. It is the practice of trapping or killing animals for one’s own entertainment or valid protection purposes. Paintball, on the other hand, is a harm-free entertainment carried out by many countries and loved by the new generation.

As you might have guessed from the title, both practices involve shooting but for different purposes and that is what we are going to shed light on today. So first off, let’s start with some thorough introduction of the two.


It is the exercise of trapping or killing animals, or chasing or following them with the intent to do so. There are many reasons for animal hunting by humans. Some people do it for fun or entertainment while others do it for eliminating dangerous predators that can be threatening to humans or domestic animals which are used for trade.

Hunting has been in practice since the 14th century where boars were hunted at first. Lawful hunting is different from poaching; it is the illegal killing, capture, and trapping of hunted species.

The species that are hunted in this practice (Poaching) are referred to as prey or game and are commonly mammals or birds. The laws and rules for poaching are fairly strict all over the world. Apart from this, Hunting can also be used as a means of pest control. Advocates of hunting state that it can be a necessary component of wildlife management.

For instance, to help in maintaining a healthy population of domestic animals within an environment’s system of carrying capacity when it comes to natural checks on the absence of predators.

However excessive hunting shall be avoided at all costs as it can heavily contribute towards endangerments and extinction of many precious animals.

Paintball Guns

Paintball game is a sport of competitive nature. While shooting is considered as a sport anyway so I can’t see why paintball cannot be a part of it. It is a fast-paced and exciting Combat sport that doesn’t involve the killing of any kind. Compressed-air paintball guns (also known as paintball markers) are used to compete for either solo or in teams to beat other opponent teams.

Playing paintball can be very exciting and fun as it is played in an open field with various barriers created for players for hiding and shooting purposes from a particular angle. The game once started, slowly turns into the engaging adventure as players use different tactics and techniques to beat each other.

You must be wondering that why a paintball gun is called a paintball marker? Let me explain it to you. Talking about Paintball History, this title was originated and derived from its original use as means for forestry personnel to mark wandering cattle of ranchers and mark trees. A marker is the main piece of paintball equipment.

It uses expanding gas such as carbon dioxide and compressed air to push forward paintballs quickly through the barrels to strike a target. There is a long list of high-quality markers and if you are planning on playing this sport, you must select the best paintball marker, from the list provided in the link.

Difference between Hunting and Paintball Guns 

As we have read the above information regarding the two sports, it can easily be said that these sports may have the same theme i.e. shooting but their purpose and nature is completely different from one another. Some people do it for entertainment (which is illegal) while others do it for protecting the natural habitat of domestic animals from dangerous wild species.

Although guns are involved in both of these sports, their individual nature is completely different from one another. Paintball, on the other hand, is an exciting sport that you can enjoy in an open field with your friends in teams to eliminate the players of the opponent team or it can be played between you and one more opponent, it does not involve any killing.

If you were confused about the concept then hopefully, this article has provided you with all the information you need on hunting and paintball guns. It can be judged and estimated that these sports have huge differences and are played for their individual purposes.